Modern Technology Co. LLC commenced its operations in Oman in April 1991 as one of the group companies of Almest Construction Company LLC popularly known as ALMEST. The reputation of the group in government circle is considerable which is evident from the fact that 95% of the group turnover is from Government Agencies.


After careful scrutiny of the computer market and its demands, ALMEST group ventured into the computer field so as to provide professional services and market quality and reliable products to meet the demands of today and the future.

Our products and custom-designed software solutions are practical and flexible, evolving to seamlessly integrate into the demands of today’s ever-changing corporate environment

M-Tech is best known for its high quality products, aggressive pricing, comprehensive product warranty and exceptional customer and service and support programs. Overall commitment to the customer has made M-Tech the prime source for resolving all kinds of technical and business software queries.

Under the newly appointed management team M-TECH is striving for excellence while improving Customer services to the new heights. Maintaining a solid reputation is important to M-Tech because at M-Tech we understand that the clients need more than just dependable software, they want a company they can depend on.

    More than 300 implementation

    90% Industry Clients

    More than 30 replacement implementation

    None of MTC implementation replaced by other Vendors

    All other vendor’s implementation replaced by MTC


Our most valued asset is our team, who are all technically qualified professionals, committed and capable of providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to challenging business requirements. In pursuit of perfection, these professionals are continuously upgrading and fine-tuning products, offering quality services for each client using proven methodologies, extensive testing, and long-term support and maintenance. All this has amounted to ideal solutions tailored to fit the requirements and needs of each company.

During the past years M-Tech has evolved into a multidimensional and multifaceted organization, foraying into developing a range of custom-designed software tailored to specific client requirements solutions.

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